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We’ve done the heavy lifting for you

Turnkey Experiences

Support your customers’ investment journeys without building your UI from scratch. We offer fully customizable front-end experiences that can be tailored to match your brand.

  • Earn Rewards up to 8% (8%)

  • USDC Account

  • Bitcoin Account

  • Pay Bills

  • Gift Cards

  • Mastercard Debit Card

  • Connect Existing Bank

Earn Rewards on Your Stored Balances

Earn up to 8% Rewards on all funds stored in your Blockchain Bank Account. Interest is calculated daily and paid out monthly without threat of withdrawal fees.

Open Unlimited Stablecoin Accounts

There is no limit to how many Stablecoin accounts you can open with your Blockchain Bank Account. Transfer funds between your accounts with no fees and use them as sub accounts for both your personal and business needs.

Open Unlimited Cryptocurrency Accounts

Open multiple cryptocurrency savings accounts in Bitcoin or Ethereum with your Blockchain Bank Account. Easily exchange your funds from dollars to BTC or ETH without having to risk exposing your account information or your private keys.

Pay your bills in any currency

Instantly pay bills with your safely stored digital dollars (USDC) secured in Circle’s US-based Silvergate Bank Account. Automatically convert your transactions into your recipients preferred currency; from USD to BRL, MXN, GBP, AUD EUR, CNY, HKD or Stablecoins such as USDT, USDC, TUSD, PAX, or Bitcoin.

Use Your Mastercard Debit Card Anywhere

Automatically convert your digital dollars into USD on your Mastercard Debit Card using your Blockchain Bank Account.

Purchase Gift Cards

Use your digital dollars to purchase gift cards in any denomination. With hundreds of supported gift cards, such as Amazon and Uber, the ultimate choice is yours.

Seamlessly connect your existing Blockchain Bank account

Link your existing bank account to your Blockchain Bank Account to easily track your balances and transfer funds in just a few clicks.

Generate New Revenues

Earn commissions on Sell or Swap Crypto
Collect a Spread on Yield Rewards
Earn commissions on Gift Cards
Earn a Commission on Merchant Processing
Earn Commissions on Debit Cards

Developer first APIs

Implement using our API for even more control over the user experience. Our easy-to-use APIs and comprehensive documentation make implementation quick and effortless.


Platform Integrations

Debit Cards
Gift Cards
Accounting & Compliance
Mining Pools
Merchant Processing
Debit Cards
Gift Cards
Accounting & Compliance
Mining Pools
Merchant Processing

Turnkey Automations

Concentration Wallet

Allow the system to have custody of funds directly on Bitcoin, Ethereum or centralized digital wallets with Wyre and Binance

Layer 1 Blockchain Forking

Allow the system to fork Ethereum and white label into an internal gas-free private blockchain

Coin Arbitrage

Allow the system to automatically swap crypto with Wyre and Binance

Crypto/Fiat Ramp

Allow the system to swap any crypto to fiat and send a fiat wire transfer to any bank account globally

Crypto to Mastercard

Allow the system to generate virtual Mastercard debit cards

Crypto to Gift Cards

Allow the system to generate gift cards

Merchant Processing to Stablecoin

Allow customers to capture credit cards payments globally and settle them in Stablecoin on the blockchain

Token Credits Management

Allow system to issue promotional coupons, gift balances or service level credits on the blockchain

Yield Ledger Management

Allow system to keep track of yield rewards on the blockchain

Ethereum Gas Station

Frictionless funding of gas payments into customer wallets

Account Opening Solutions

Exceed user expectations with a comprehensive digital onboarding journey from your website through digital banking

Security Features

We've built firewalls on top of firewalls to ensure user funds are always safe.

Encrypted Data Vauilt

Secure PCI Level 1 Encryption with double layer firewalls are used to store data.

Private Key Recreation

Automatic scheduled recreation of user private keys keeps funds safe from theft.

2FA Authentication

SMS, Pin code, Face detection, Email, Google Authenticator.

Smart Blocking

3 Layer of login intrusion detection ensures safe access to the account.

Multi Sig Wallet

Custom multi signature wallet is used to store coins.

Unauthorized Transfers

AI monitoring and mitigation of transfers that bypassed the system.

User Permissions

Set roles for each user of the system to limit their access.

Activity Tracking

User activity logging is enabled for ever feature of the system.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Security and Technical experts are monitoring the system 24/7/365.

Smart Gas Fees

Gas fee is depleted on hot wallets until transfers are necessary.

Suspicious Transfers

Suspicious transfers are delayed for further user verification.

Chain Analysis

Chain analysis flags coins that are not compliant with AML.

Anti-Email Spoofing

Custom signature on transactional emails to detect spoofing.

Device Restrictions

Detect and authorizes specific devices for account access.

Live Webcam Support

Account verification is conducted with live webcam agent to avoid account jacking.

Emergency Shutdown

Kill switch will freeze the system if any breach is detected.

Real-time Notifications

Over 100 notifications sent to your email and SMS for account activity.

Anti-Hacker Login

AI detection of hacker login attempts will block unauthorized access.

IP Restrictions

Authorize specific IP address for account access.

Legal Compliance

Hosting a white label solution requires you to be a custodian for your customers private keys. You will also be required to obtain the appropriate licenses in your company’s registered country to comply with local regulations.

Alternately, we can link you with one of our partners for you to become their agent, and tag along their already approved licensing, KYC and AML policies.

Hosted License
Host your white label solution using our secure servers and legal licensing on your own sub domain personalized with your brand colors and logo. Leverage our security, KYC and AML policies. New software code and security upgrades will be automatically released periodically. This licensing option can be deployed within 7 days.
Perpetual License
Host your white label solution on your own servers with your own security measures in place. Use your own KYC and AML policies and be the legal custodian of your customer's private keys. New software code and security upgrades will be released according to your own schedule.
Create your own Blockchain Experience?

Integrate a white-label solution into your own application and create an incredible online experience for your customers.

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